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This website serves as a portal for information related to file and storage system benchmarking. If you would like to add or modify any information, feel free to contact me.

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FSL's experience in file systems and storage benchmarking demonstrates that Filebench workload generator is a very useful tool for emulating a variety of file system workloads.

Title Comments
FAST '09 BoF: How to Cheat at Benchmarking Slides
First File and Storage Systems Benchmarking Workshop Summary in USENIX ;login:

Title Comments
Auto-pilot Benchmark automation tools
The FSL-er's Guide to File System and Storage Benchmarking  
The SNIA IOTTA Trace Repository  
UC Santa Cruz Storage Systems Research Center Sponsors of the 1st File and Storage Systems Benchmarking Workshop

Title Formats Comments
A Nine Year Study of File System and Storage Benchmarking PS PDF Online data appendix
     Follow-up: Notes on a Nine Year Study of File System and Storage Benchmarking (Byte and Switch)
     Follow-up: Lies, Damn Lies and File System Benchmarks (Linux Magazine)
     Follow-up: A Survey of Nine Years' Worth of Benchmarking Results (Sun System News)
Auto-pilot: A Platform for System Software Benchmarking PS PDF  
Buttress: A Toolkit for Flexible and High Fidelity I/O Benchmarking PDF  
Cutting Corners: Workbench Automation for Server Benchmarking PDF  
Findings from the First Annual File and Storage Systems Benchmarking Workshop PS PDF Initial workshop report
Generating Realistic Impressions for File-System Benchmarking PDF  
Lies, Damned Lies, and File System Benchmarks PS PDF  
Towards Realistic File-System Benchmarks with CodeMRI PDF  

Title Comments
The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis: Techniques for Experimental Design, Measurement, Simulation, and Modeling  
Workload Modeling for Computer Systems Performance Evaluation  

A $ indicates that the benchmark is not free
Title Comments
Bonnie Google Code. Make sure to set working file size properly.
dbench SMB, NFS, iSCSI, and local FS workload generator
Filebench Flexible workload generator. Employs extensive WML language to describe. workloads
fio Flexible I/O Tester
Fstress NFS file service benchmark.
io_thrash Find io_thrash in the list of files available. Portable database workload for I/O subsystem performance measurements.
Iometer Workload generator.
IOzone Workload generator.
Jetstress Microsoft Exchange I/O workload
Moojit's DataMover Storage I/O generation tool with GUIs that validate enterprise storage and networking subsystems $
Open Storage Toolkit iSCSI and OSD reference implementations, synthetic workload generation, workload characterization, and I/O tracing and replay
Oracle I/O Numbers (ORION)  
PostMark NFS mail server workload.
Re-AIM-7 Updated AIM 7 benchmark.
SPECsfs NFS and CIFS server benchmark. $
Sprite LFS Large File Benchmark  
Storage Performance Council (SPC) $
The Flexible Filesystem Benchmark (FFSB) Workload generator.
Threaded I/O Tester (tiobench)  
Transaction Processing Council (TPC) Database workloads. $
vdbench Workload generator for disk, tape, and file systems (Solaris Sparc and X86, Windows, AIX, Linux, HP, and OS/X). Can also perform data validation and I/O replay.

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